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Gails Worry Free Baking



- Egg Free - Dairy Free - Nut Free - Soy Free - 

- Free of artificial colors or flavors - 

Organic & Gluten Free


It's hard to enjoy baked goods when you're sensitive to or trying to avoid gluten. Gluten is present in many essential grain-based baking staples such as rye and wheat. People who have gluten sensitivity can suffer from nasty side effects like nausea, bloating, and headaches. A gluten-free diet is also popular among people without sensitivity, as ditching gluten has many health benefits. Many individuals who avoid gluten think that the only option left to them, when it comes to baked goods, is to bake it themselves. But not everyone has time to bake their own batch from scratch. Busy schedules further limit the food choices of many gluten-sensitive people. Enjoy healthy freshly-baked goodies in minutes with GAIL’s WORRY FREE BAKING Gluten Free Mixes! Our mix provides convenience for people who want to eat healthy but don’t have time to make their own baked goods from scratch. Our mix contains the essentials, flour, coconut sugar, and cocoa -- all of which are certified organic and gluten and dairy free. We didn’t add eggs or butter to the mix for those who want to control the type of egg and butter they eat. You have the freedom to choose your own ingredients, making sure each batch is truly customized for your nutritional needs. More noteworthy reasons to love our mixes: It is soy-free, non-GMO and free from the top 8 allergens.  

Unlike other gluten-free cookies that may be hard, gritty and taste bland, our organic mixes produce soft, chewy and richly flavoured cookies that everyone - even kids - will love!

Our Ingredients


We have had dietitians and nutritionists sample our products. They are favorably impressed with the ingredients used in our mixes. Why? We use coconut sugar, instead of refined white sugar. Coconut sugar has a glycemic index of 35 whereas the glycemic index of refined white sugar is 65.  Therefore, coconut sugar is more suitable for people wanting the health benefits of low glycemic index carbohydrates. 


Coconut sugar is released slowly into the bloodstream, meaning it does not spike the blood glucose and insulin, as white table sugar does. The slower release also helps to avoid the sugar high or rush, followed by a crash. Coconut sugar can also satisfy a desire for something sweet without creating a mad craving where you just keep eating the sweet thing.

The nutritionists were impressed and surprised that our mixes contain a significant amount of fiber. They also are full of vitamins, minerals and protein.

Our mixes are made with certified organic ingredients. We take pride that there are no additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavors in any our mixes. This results in a healthier snack for everyone.


Our flour blend is made from:

  • Certified Organic Millet Flour

  • Certified Organic Tapioca Flour

  • Certified Organic Chickpea Flour

  • Certified Organic White Rice Flour

  • Certified Organic Green Lentil Flour

  • Certified Organic Arrowroot Flour

  • Baking Powder

  • Xanthan Gum

Our Mixes:

We are pleased to say that all our mixes are:

  • Egg Free

  • Dairy-Free

  • Nut Free

  • Soy Free

  • Free of artificial colors or flavors

  • Certified Organic Cocoa

  • Certified Organic Chocolate Chips

(Note: Chocolate Chips are made with three ingredients: Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Sugar. Although the chips are dairy-free, they are made in a facility that uses dairy in other products they produce.)

Mixes containing chocolate are made using:

Unlike other gluten-free cookies that are often hard, gritty and taste bland, our mix produces soft, chewy and richly flavoured cookies that everyone - even kids - love!

- Nadine Sturko -

Our Ingredients


  • Egg Free

  • Dairy-Free

  • Nut Free

  • Soy Free​​

  • Free of artificial colors or flavors

  •  100% ORGANIC - We believe in the power of food from naturally grown sources! Our gluten and dairy free  mixes contain certified organic flour and organic coconut sugar.

  • HEALTHIER CHOICE - Our mix lets people with gluten sensitivity finally enjoy tasty cakes, muffins and cookies. Because we leave out eggs and butter the individual can choose to add their own substitution for these ingredients and maintain 100% vegan.

  • EASY & CONVENIENT - People often settle with any cookie mix because they have no time to prepare a healthy alternative. We aim to change that with an easy to prepare mix!

  • GUARANTEED ALL NATURAL - Our organic baking mix contains no artificial flavouring , dyes, or preservatives. Your baking will be mouth-wateringly delicious without synthetic help!

  • TASTY TREATS FOR EVERYONE - Unlike other gluten-free cookies that may be hard, gritty and taste bland, our mix produces soft, chewy and richly flavoured cookies that everyone--even kids - love!


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