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Gails Worry Free Baking



- Egg Free - Dairy Free - Nut Free - Soy Free - 

- Free of artificial colors or flavors - 


Our Story


Until I was 26, I suffered with upset stomach, headaches, and pains in my muscles and joints.  My doctors could not give me reason for my ailments. It was just part of life for me.  My four year old daughter was diagnosed with food allergies. They included wheat, dairy, and worst of all, sugar.

Because we were both missing out of treats others were having, I wanted to do something.


Initially, most of my efforts ended up in the garbage.  Cakes felt like Plasticine in my mouth. Muffins and cookies were dry, crumbly, and tasted awful.  I did, however, have some successes that weren't too bad. I also noticed my chronic muscle pains, headaches, and upset stomach disappeared. That, along with my successes, was enough to keep me going.


My Dream is Becoming Reality

After 30 years of improving my recipes, I developed a gluten-free flour blend that worked with everything I baked. My blend obtained similar results to Mom’s fantastic baking. Cookies were soft and chewy. Cakes were moist and delicious. Friends and family who tried my gluten-free baking  favorably were impressed, raving about the taste and texture.

With these reactions, my family has encouraged me to bring these delightful tastes to others. It gives me deep satisfaction to help many who otherwise could not enjoy a piece of cake or have a cookie without suffering a negative reaction.

~Gail Butler~

Gail Butler



I was a stay at home mother to 8 children. I grew up with a professional cook and baker mom. There were always cakes, cookies, pies and other delicious treats in our home. I have baked and cooked for forty years. In my social circle I am respected as a person who is well versed in understanding food sensitivities/allergies. Many come to me for help with their food issues.

My life-long dream has been to create a business in the food industry. My flour blend is helping me realize this. My original idea has progressed beyond my expectations in that it helps people who are experiencing food challenges.

Although my intention was not to develop an organic product, the ingredients that I sourced were organic. In essence, our product is free of additives; has nothing refined in it; and the results are delicious treats and snacks.

It's my hope that you'll enjoy my gluten-free baking mixes for  many years to come.

Unlike other gluten-free cookies that may be hard, gritty and taste bland, our mix produces soft, chewy and richly flavoured cookies that everyone - even kids - love!

~Nadine Sturko~

Nadine Sturko



 I am  Gail's sister and partner in this business. I taught Elementary School in Edmonton for 22 years. I have 50 years experience cooking and baking. My three sons have blessed me with 14 grandchildren. I became a widow in 1991 and since that time I have learned a lot about dealing with life as a single person, mother, grandmother and business owner. 


I left teaching in 2001 and worked in the financial industry for 16 years. I retired at the end of 2016 and thought I would just enjoy that phase of my life. But when my sister, Gail, asked me to help with her business, what could I say? I have looked out for her since she was a baby. So there went retirement and I am now co-owner of Gail's Worry Free Baking.


Aside from my administrative work, I am helping to create recipes using our flour blend that will be made into a cook book. Our goal is to launch it in the fall of 2020.


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